Aug 11

PI041: Musical Epiphany

Sgt Steve Ferrera Plays Trumpet

Years ago when I went to college, our professor’s taught us about something called a paradigm shift which occurred when an individual experienced a fundamental change in the way he/she thought about something. Looking back I can remember many of these dramatic changes in my life as my husband and I moved to new duty …

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Jul 21

PI040: The Few, The Proud, The Single Mom: A Glimpse Into the Life of GySgt Erin Metcalfe

Erin Metcalfe in High School

Female Marines are sometimes called the fewest of the few, a minority within an elite group. What do these brave women go through on a daily basis as they try to raise families, how do they feel about working in a male dominated Marine Corps and how do they handle the unique stresses associated with …

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Jun 18

PI039: Recruit Stories: Spiderman Versus the Rock

Spiders in Beaufort SC

Not all of the experiences that happen in boot camp are horrible. Sometimes they can be amusing, especially if said experience is not happening to you. Take for example the following story told by Recruit Cage. Then read the short story to follow by Recruit Ron H. who experienced the loss of a pet while …

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Apr 22

PI038: Book Review – Larry Smith’s The Few And The Proud Looks At USMC Training And How Marines Of Old Stack Up With Modern Marines

Nicole Basilone

  It is easy to see why The Few and the Proud: Marine Corps Drill Instructors in Their Own Words by Larry Smith is a New York Times Bestseller. The introduction is packed with facts about the Marine Corps Recruit Depots on Parris Island and San Diego and answers questions such as how the areas …

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Apr 01

PI037: Terri Collins: The Gunnery Sergeant Next Door

Retired Gunnery Sergeant Terri Collins

In movies, female Marines are shown as tough, aggressive women with hair pulled back in a severe bun. They wield machine guns and throw men twice their size around the room. We hardly ever see them eating pizza while their children run around Chucky Cheese, or sitting in the park watching their children play on …

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Mar 09

PI036: Just Desserts

U.S. Marine recruits eat at the First Recruit Training Battalion mess hall. (photo by Sgt. Esdras Ruano)

Drill Instructors work hard to instill discipline in their recruits. Even when every recruit in the platoon strives for perfection it takes only one to ruin a perfectly good dinner.  This boot camp story from SSgt RN  shows  what happens when an individual in the platoon goes against the rules. Warning:  This post contains profanity …

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Feb 04

PI035: You Can Think It But Don’t Do It!

Delicious Apple

I recently read some outstanding Marine Corps boot camp stories and I thought you might enjoy them as well. Please be advised these are not G rated posts; they contain profanity and may not be suitable for some readers. If you enjoy reading them let me know by leaving a comment below. It is my …

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Jan 07

PI034: How To Keep In Touch With Your Recruit

Staff Sgt. Jamison Randolph, the senior drill instructor of Platoon 2080, Fox Company, 2nd Recruit Training Battalion, inspects a package for Rct. Cole Jones, also with Platoon 2080, during mail call Aug. 11, 2014, on Parris Island, S.C. Drill instructors must inspect the contents of parcels to ensure recruits receive no contraband while in training. Most recruits’ only connection to the outside world during their 13 weeks on Parris Island is through letters from friends and family. Randolph, 29, is from Marion, N.C. Jones, 18, is from Jacksonville, N.C., and is scheduled to graduate Oct. 24, 2014. (Photo by Cpl. David Bessey)

During Marine Corps recruit training recruits remain isolated from their home environment for most of their 13 weeks on Parris Island.   The only link they have with their previous lives arrives in the mail. Recruits Way Back… When my husband went through boot camp we did not have cell phones or the Internet, (can you …

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Dec 17

UPDATE: Family Day Motivational Run At 7:15 AM

  ***Please note a new time for the Motivational Run.  Beginning this week the run will start at 7:15 am.***

Nov 24

PI033: November Update

Cool t-shirt spotted at The 4th Annual 5K race for The Island Charities

This past week I attended an AAUW (American Association of University Women) meeting.  My sponsor, Debra invited me to hear Robb Wells, VP of Tourism for the Beaufort Chamber of Commerce.  Thanks to Debra’s introduction I met Robb and spent a few minutes speaking with him before his presentation.  The AAUW invites speakers and holds various …

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Nov 09

PI032: Happy Birthday Marines!

PFC Michael Basilone during his first tour at Little Creek (we were dating at the time), had the distinction of being the youngest Marine for the Landing Force Training Command Birthday Ball.

November 10th marks the Marine Corps 239th birthday.  On this day in the year 1775, the Continental Congress authorized the creation of the Continental Marines.  The first Marines to enlist were found at Tun Tavern in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Today, United States Marines all over the world will take time to wish each other a happy …

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Nov 04

UPDATE: Family Day Motivational Run AT 7:00 AM

***Please note a new time for the Motivational Run.  Beginning this week the run will go back to its original 7:00 am time.***    

Oct 20

PI031: Coats of Red and Blue Concert

"The President's Own" United States Marine Band during a performance.

We happened to observe a few of the President’s Own musicians while they were procuring provisions at our local BiLo on Parris Island Gateway. We learned during our conversation there is a scheduled performance this Saturday, Oct 25th at 7:00 pm at Hilton Head High School.   Further inquiry revealed it is a Red and Blue …

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Oct 16

PI030: Meet and Greet with Stephen Murray at Islands of Beaufort

Stephen and Melissa Murray at Islands of Beaufort

Stephen and Melissa Murray visited with residents of Islands of Beaufort last night for a few hours to talk about his campaign for Beaufort City Council.  Stephen and his wife own Kazoobie Kazoo Factory and New South Shirts.  He’s a third generation Beaufortonian; years ago his great grandmother worked on Parris Island as a seamstress!  In addition to …

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Sep 30

UPDATE: New Time For The Family Day Motivational Run

New Marines of Kilo Company, 3rd Recruit Training Battalion, run under the “We Make Marines” sign during a traditional motivational run through the streets of Parris Island, S.C., on Aug 15, 2013. The run took place before the new Marines had a few hours to reunite with their friends and families for the first time in more than 12 weeks. (Photo by Cpl. Caitlin Brink)

***Please note a new time for the Motivational Run.  Beginning this week the run will start at 7:15 am.***    

Sep 28

PI029: Arsenal Melee Averted

Mike Basilone and Pat Conroy

  Even clouds and a light sprinkle did not dampen the mood for attendees Thursday night, September 25, 2014, at Bernie Schein’s book signing of his new novel, “Famous All Over Town.” Guests entered through the front gate which opened into a courtyard that whisked us back in time as we walked on brick and …

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Sep 09

PI028: Why Are There Construction Signs By The Traffic Circle?

Speed Limit Sign Reducing Speed In Construction Area

Every time I see new roads and buildings going up on the base it reminds me of my first trip Beaufort, South Carolina.  In those days many of the roads were two lanes, few had over head lights and at first we found it difficult to drive around at night.  Our realtor Betsy, gave us a tour of …

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Aug 14

PI027: Rich Brown’s Story Of Missed Opportunity

Rich Brown

No one expected to see news of Robin William’s death on August 11th.  I thought we would experience at least 20 more years of movies and comedy specials and then maybe one day I’d sneak back stage after one of his weekly shows in Vegas and get his autograph and a picture. Unfortunately I will never get the chance to meet …

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