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PI004: What Are The Marine Corps Recruit Training Battalion Colors?

If you visit Parris Island to see a recruit graduate you might like to wear a t-shirt with the colors of your recruit’s battalion.  But which color goes with  which platoon?

Here is a little bit of information for you about the structure of the Recruit Training Regiment and the colors worn by each battalion.

The Recruit Training Regiment contains four battalions dedicated to the recruits.  Each Recruit Training Battalion has a specific color;  1st Battalion red,  2nd Battalion gold, 3rd Battalion dark blue, 4th Battalion maroon.  Each Battalion is made up of companies and each company is made up of platoons.

The first, second and third Battalions contain 4 companies each.  Forth Battalion contains three companies.  As an example a recruit in 1st Battalion might be in Alpha Company, Platoon 1234.

1st Battalion Logo Red

1st Battalion Logo in Red


First Recruit Training Battalion (1st RTBn)  is comprised of four companies; Alpha Company (A Co), Bravo (B Co), Charlie (C Co) and Delta (D Co).  Each platoon (Plt) in 1st Bn is identified by its four digit number; the first of which is always a 1.  These identifiers may be seen on the platoon’s guide on (flag).





2nd Bn Logo - Gold

Second Battalion Logo Gold


Second Recruit Training Battalion (2nd RTBn) is comprised of four companies; Echo Company (E Co), Fox Company (F Co), Golf Company (G Co), and Hotel Company (H Co).  Each platoon (Plt) in 2nd Bn is identified by its four digit number; the first of which is always a 2.





3rd Bn Logo - Dk Blue

3rd Battalion Logo – Dark Blue

Third Recruit Training Battalion (3rd RTBn) is comprised of four companies; India Company (I Co), Kilo Company (K Co), Lima Company (L Co), and Mike
Company (M Co).  Each platoon (Plt) in 3rd Bn is identified by its four digit number; the first of which is always a 3.






4th Bn Logo - Maroon

4th Battalion Logo – Maroon


Forth Recruit Training Battalion (4th RTBn) is comprised of three companies; November Company (N Co), Oscar Company (O Co), and Papa Company (P Co).  Each platoon (Plt) in 4th Battalion is identified by a four digit number; the first number is always a 4.



The pictures you see here are t-shirts from the Marine Corps Exchange (MCX) on Parris Island; at the time of this blog post they cost $15.99 each.

You don’t have to buy t-shirts at the exchange, there are stores off base that carry them and you will find many web sites that have various t-shirts and other items you can purchase before you visit Parris Island.

Is the structure of the Recruit Training Regiment easier to understand now that you’ve read this post?    Is there something you would like to read about on my blog?  Be sure to let me know in the comments below.

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  1. nancy grodotz

    im a grandma who raised a grandaughterwho is now at parris island right now .im worried about her it is so hard

  2. Steve

    What did 2nd recruit training battalion change there color? It used to be green and now it’s yellow, what happened?

  3. tasha lagrange

    my son is graduating july 10th and i’m just trying to figure out his color and company name, 2nd rtbn pl # 2054 co g, what does all that stand for, want to wear colors for him

    1. Vera Basilone

      Awesome! G stands for Golf Company and 2nd Battalion’s color is gold.

  4. Eddie Rappe

    What time does the graduation ceremony begin this Friday Oct 11th?

    1. Vera Basilone

      The graduation ceremony normally begins at 9:00, however times and locations are always subject to change, so it’s a good idea to check in to the Douglas Visitor’s Center to confirm the times and location.

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