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PI011: Seven Must See Places on Parris Island


Drill Instructor Monument

Yellow Footprints at the base of the Drill Instructor Monument

You received your packet of information from your recruit, made reservations at a local hotel and now you are ready to visit Parris Island.  Certain activities are planned for families before graduation day, but what are you going to do during your free time?  Here are 7 must see places on the Depot.

1. You could begin your excursion at the Douglas Visitor’s Center, named after Paul H. Douglas, who graduated from Marine Corps Boot Camp at the age of 50!  You can read about him on the plaque outside the center.

2. Molly Marine – a bronze statue dedicated October 23, 1999, honoring all female Marines.  She is located in a park area on Blvd de France.

3. Iron Mike – the bronze monument erected for all of the Parris Island Marines who gave their lives in World War I.

Molly Marine Statue

Molly Marine Statue, Parris Island, SC

Iron Mike is on the corner of Blvd de France and Santo Domingo.  See Blog Post PI010:  Will The Real Iron Mike Please Stand Up? for more information.

4. Drill Instructor Monument – dedicated April 24, 1999 on Blvd de France.  Marvel at the bricks bearing the names of past drill instructors; step in the footprints and read the Drill Instructors Creed.

5. The iconic Iwo Jima Monument – constructed prior to the end of WWII, accompanied dignitaries around the country to promote the War Bond campaign .  After the war, the sculptor Mr. Felix de Weldon donated it to Parris Island, but the Monument was never intended to be a permanent outdoor exhibit.  If you look at the base you can see plaster and concrete peeking out from under the bronze coloring.

6. Parris Island Museum & Gift Shop – located on Panama Street, the museum contains information from the rich history of Parris Island long before it belonged to the Marine Corps to present day Marine Corp history.

7. Charlesfort – Santa Elena National Historic Landmark -  located near Legends golf course dates back to Spanish and French colonies on Parris Island during the 1500′s. This area was an active archeological dig when I first visited back in 1995.

So while you stroll around the base in-between  scheduled events, don’t forget to check out the  Douglas Visitor’s Center,  Molly Marine, Iron Mike, Drill Instructor Monument, Iwo Jima Monument, Parris Island Museum & Gift Shop and Charlesfort- Santa Elena National Historic Landmark.

Want more places to visit?  Don’t forget to download my free report, “Parris Island Declassified” to find even more things to see when you visit Parris Island.

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