Vera Basilone

Vera Basilone


My name is Vera Basilone and I’m here to give you great information to make your visit to Parris Island memorable.

Are you here for a recruit graduation?  Are you prior military?  Do you want to visit the Parris Island Museum and explore the history of the Marine Corps?   Whatever your reason, ParrisIsland.com has local information to help you find your way around.

I’ve lived in Beaufort with my family, just a few miles from the base, since 1994. My husband and I work on the Depot and know lots of places to visit and things to see while you are in Beaufort, South Carolina.

Although this web site contains graduation dates and other helpful information, It is not the official Marine Corps Recruit Depot web page.

If you are visiting Parris Island for a graduation, click on the Graduation tab. There you will find all of the graduation dates, information on how to get a parking pass, and a link to a .PDF so you can print out the graduation dates.

When you’re hungry, check out my Restaurant tab where you will see places we like to eat, what kind of service you should expect and how close they are to the base. I am working on a Hotel tab to show you local places to stay as well as a Things to Do tab where I’ll share our favorite places to go and fun things to do in the area.

Don’t make this a onetime visit; sign up for my free report, “Parris Island Declassified” which contains six often overlooked places to see during your visit.