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Mar 31

PI022: Graduation Gifts For Your New Marine

Graduation Ceremony MCRD PI

Graduation Day is finally here and you are so proud.  You don’t need to buy anything at all, but wouldn’t it be nice to give a little token to recognize the hard work your son or daughter put into becoming a Marine?  But what do you get someone who just graduated boot camp?  Here are …

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Sep 24

PI 012: Feel the Love on Parris Island: 5 Tips for Communing With Love Bugs

Love bugs

  If you visit Parris Island during the months of April, May, September or October you might be feeling the love, not from drill instructors, but from love bugs.  Black with a red thorax area; these small flies are not unique to South Carolina.  They are known by several names, love bugs, honeymoon fly, or …

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May 16

PI 002: We’re Hungry: Where Can We Eat On Parris Island?

Parris Island Subway

You’ve been running around all morning going from event to event, getting used to the lay of the land and now it’s time for lunch.  But where can you go?  If it’s Family Day, your new Marine cannot leave the base.  Your options are limited.  There are four places you can eat on the Depot besides …

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May 12

PI 001: Three Things to do Before You Visit Parris Island for a Graduation

4th Battalion Recruits

Recently, our friends visited Parris Island to see their recruit graduate from boot camp.   They had a good time and I learned some valuable tips from their visit. Tip 1.  Remember to sign up for the free Wednesday Marine Corps 101 Behind the Scenes Tour  as soon as you find out your son or daughter’s graduation date.  …

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