Eating On Base

Marine Corps Exchange Restaurant

Marine Corps Exchange Restaurant, Parris Island

Marine Corps Exchange (MCX) Food Court
Building 409
Parris Island, SC 29905

One of the great things about eating at the MCX Food Court is looking around the store after you eat.  It’s nice to shop and let your stomach rest after having a huge quesadilla, or a burger and french fries.  The quesadilla is so big, we usually get one and split it.  If you need to wash up after walking around the base, there are rest rooms located close by.  You can order then wash up and your food will be ready before you know it.  Remember that on Family Day all of the eating establishments on base become crowded very quickly so get there early if you can.

Bricks Southern BBQ

Look at the size of this BBQ sandwich! Can you see the 1/4 lb burger?

Bricks on Boundary (Mobil Unit)
Located in the parking lot
Olangapo Street
Parris Island, SC 29905

Bricks on Boundary is a bar and restaurant on Boundary Street in downtown Beaufort.  A few weeks ago they began deploying their mobile unit to Parris Island. I spotted them this past week as I ran away from the line of people waiting to get into the door of Subway!  The modified Silver Streak trailer stood alone with no waiting, so I jumped out of my Highlander and asked for the 411.  They said they began parking there a few weeks ago, only on Family Day Thursdays.  “That’s great!”  I yelled above the noise of the generator, and asked if I could take a few pictures for my blog.

Then  I called my hubby to find out if he would like to give it a try, I stood in a short line and decided what I would order.  The menu is simple, A Bomber Double Double (double 1/4 lb cheeseburger), Napalm Bomber (blackened cheeseburger with jalapenos), Southern BBQ (with a 1/4 lb burger and pork BBQ on a bun), American Fries and cans of soda.

I paid by credit card and it took 6 minutes from the time I ordered until the time I had my food!  As I left, I glanced over at Subway and the line continued out the door.  More people noticed Bricks and soon they had a line too.  So if you want a burger and fries or some BBQ, try the Mobil Brick’s on Thursday.

Back at work, we had hot delicious burgers and fries.  The burgers are big, the pork BBQ even bigger with the 1/4 lb burger added to it!  And because I returned so quickly, we even had a few minutes to let our food digest before returning to work.  🙂

Dominos Personal Pizza

Personal Pepperoni Pizza

Dominos (mobile unit)
Located in the Parking Lot
Olangapo Street
Parris Island, SC 29905

Stop by Dominos mobile unit on Family Day if you are in the mood for hot pizza.






Subway on MCRDPI

Entrance to Subway and the Bowling Center

Subway, Parris Island
Building 203, Samoa Street
Parris Island, SC 29905

This Subway does an excellent job of feeding lots of people as quickly as possible on Family Day.  I especially like the salads.  You can have any of the meats they put on a sandwich in your salad.  Choose lettuce, spinach, and shredded cheese, then add all of the veggies you like.  They have places to sit inside and out but get there early to avoid long lines.





The Sand Trap Grill at Legends Golf Course MCRD Parris Island

The Sand Trap Grill at Legends Golf Course MCRD Parris Island

The Sand Trap Grill
Legends Golf Course
Bldg 299
Parris Island, SC 29905

The Sand Trap Grill has more menu items than Brick’s but it is much farther away, on the southern tip of Parris Island so be sure to allow yourself enough time to make it there, eat and make it back in time.  They have Patty Melts, club sandwiches, hot dogs and my favorite, chicken fingers.  You can order the items separately or as a combo with fries and a drink.


Inside the Lyceum MCRD PI

The Lyceum on MCRD Parris Island

The Lyceum on Parris Island Recruit Depot
Building 18, Tripoli
Parris Island, SC 29905
10:30 AM to 1:00 PM Family Day
Currently Closed due to damage from Hurricane Matthew






Breaded Pork Chops

Crunchy Breaded Pork Chops at Traditions

Building 79
Parris Island, SC 29905
Lunch Buffet Tues-Friday 11:00 am to 1:00 pm

Here is a sample of what we had last time: crunchy breaded pork chop, grilled veggies, spinach, macaroni & cheese and on top of the pork chop you can see a bit of sweet potato fry.  Traditions often makes fried potato wedges, but every now they have delicious fried sweet potato wedges.








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